Built by Farmers for Farmers

We tried dozens of software programs for our own crop marketing operations, but no solution was able to help us make better decisions and become better farmers.

So, we hired a code-loving, geek patrol team and explained what we needed as farmers. We spoke English, and they answered with a Software – Simple and elegant, taking your inputs and turning them into practical, actionable output.
Then we showed it to our neighbors. The next question was “Can we use it too?” And Grain Basis was born.

Then we showed it to our neighbors, the next question was “Can we use it too?” Take a look at the simplicity of this this software, and how practical it is.


With the convenience of one location to view all their grain sales, farmers are freed from the time-consuming task of constantly looking up sales on multiple websites.

A breakeven analysis, presented on a Single Page, details the client’s farming operation.

We do not subscribe to a “cookie cutter” or “one size fits all” approach to crop marketing. Instead, we tailor our crop marketing plans to fit each client’s unique goals and needs.

Grain Basis helps clients assess their marketing plans to help them manage their risk in the marketplace.

Drum Roll! Grain Basis Gets to Bottom Line…
By the Minute!

Get the information you need to know where your operation stands. The ability to check online or make a phone call will take the stress out of your daily operations.

Finally, the bottom line number that reflects the value of your sweat equity.

We are farmers, too—sharing the same struggles, dilemmas, conflicts, goals, and inspirations. The way we built Grain Basis is the way we want to help you reach a better operation, crop marketing and profitability. So let’s get your crop marketing on the road.