Let us help you with crop marketing projections. That is what we do

No one can do it all alone. You need help in running your farm, and we’re here to provide it. Between planting time and harvest, you’ll have bills for machinery, labor, seeds, fertilizer, fuel—the list goes on. Each of these costs lowers your margin and must be included in your calculations when it comes time to market your crop. Let Grain Basis help you to better understand your operations down to the last cent. We have the time and experience to work with you throughout the year to assist in calculating farming margins. Our software will track input variables for your farm and help you better understand your bottom line. Make better decisions for your business by working with the Grain Basis team.

Learn why those who monitor all their farm’s input variables are more likely to succeed in establishing strong margins

Questions You Should Ask

  • 1) Will you guide me with all the necessary inputs?
    Yes, we will discuss everything you need to get started. It is all part of your day-to-day operation.
  • 2) I have a lot of stuff that’s not organized yet. Could you help me out with that?
    To be most efficient, we need to rely on data. But in the absence of hard numbers, we can always rely on past experience and costs and yields over the last few years. We’ve been structured to serve you for many years, so we’ll make sure your business is ready every year.
  • 3) Could you work with my commodity brokers and place the right trades for hedging?
    Yes, we can help you. We understand that you may want to work with a particular broker and respect your decision. We can simply deliver the trades that are recommended for your current market position, and you can convey it them to them.
  • 4) Will you work with my lender to help understand my cash flow needs?
    In addition to all the great benefits Grain Basis offers, we produce a report that farmers and lenders will love. Our staff has ex-lenders on board who know exactly what a lender needs to see in order to provide loans for farmers.
  • 5) Can I log in at any time to review my marketing plan?
    Yes. We will supply you with a username and password, so you can log in any time to view your crop marketing plan

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We have taken a complicated process and made it into an easy-to-use software that anyone can understand. We want to make this process as simple as possible, so you don’t have to spend hours learning how to use new software.